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Kubota Custom UG Open Industrial Generator 9.5kW
Kubota Custom UG Open Industrial Generator 9.5kW

The Custom made Kubota Model UGI-9.5 Series is a liquid cooled diesel generator with 8.5 kW 60 Hz, of continuous output, tier 4 and CARB compliant. These industrial generators are suitable for prime power, off the grid and standby use. When you require the dependability of an industrial grade generator the UGI Series is for you. Our custom built generators are available in several models from 8.5kW to 250kW available in single and three phase and priced competitively to deliver the performance and value found only on more expensive competitors models.

Standard equipment includes: 12 volt electric starter, 12 volt battery charging alternator, automatic engine shutdown for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature, fuel filter, electric fuel transfer pump, air silencer intake, air cleaner, heavy duty steel frame, high ambient radiator cooling, single bearing generator, brushless exciter, unit mounted solid state voltage regulator, industrial muffler shipped loose. 

United Generator’s custom built Kubota, Perkins and John Deere generators provide reliable power to meet the most demanding requirements. We use the same engines as the factory built models and the best Newage / Stamford alternators available. These generators are designed and built to withstand tough environments at construction sites, provide prime power for off the grid applications and dependable temporary clean power at entertainment venues and disaster recovery operations. By utilizing the latest state of the art voltage regulation and the highest quality solid state circuit boards our generators are safe to use with sensitive equipment like computers, cells phones and any where clean power is needed.  Our easy to maintain design offers quick access to all drain extensions and filters, which can be cross referenced at any auto store, making routine maintenance even easier. This unit includes every basic feature our customers ask for making it turn key ready for a commercial or residential back up or an off the grid primary power source.

You can upgrade this unit to a quiet residential muffler, mount it on a 60, 100, 150 or 200 gallon extended run time fuel tank, add an electric transfer fuel pump or install a digital controller that includes a free 2 wire auto start module. You may upgrade the enclosure to a regular or sound attenuated aluminum powder coated weather enclosure for longevity, rust resistance and super quiet operation.



Model                                                  UGI-9.5KW

Engine                                                 Kubota D1105

Cylinders                                             Three (3)

Cubic Inch Displacement                       68.5

Bore and Stroke                                   3.07" X 3.09"

Engine Speed                                       1800 RPM

Dimensions genset                                L  40” x W 20” x H 29”

Weight w/o fuel tank                             510 lbs.

With 60 gallon tank approximately 760 lbs.

Alternator                                            Mecc Alte (best available) http://www.meccalte.com/ 

Out Put Voltage                                    120/240 Volt

Out Put Amps                                       79/39.5 Amps

Out Put Watts                                       9500

Phase                                                  Single (1)

Hertz                                                   60 Hz

Battery, Rack and Cable  optional           Mounted on Machine

2 Amp optional                                     Battery Charger

Fuel Tank                                             60 gallon base mount tank L 66” x W 36” x H 6”

Fuel consumption                                  60 gallon approximate run time at ¾ load 75 hours or .8 gals/hr

Enclosure optional                                  Sound Attenuated / Powder Coated Aluminum Color White

Muffler                                                 Industrial Grade

Electric Fuel Pump                                 Mounted on Machine

Analog Control Panel              Temperature, Oil, Volt, Hour meter, AC Volts, AC Amps and Frequency

Circuit Breaker                                     Main Line Circuit Breaker Installed on Machine

Oil Drain Valve                                     Installed on Machine

Auto Start Module Optional                Mounted on Machine included. Allows starting of genset from ATS



12 Volt Electric Start

12 Volt Battery Charging Alternator

Automatic Engine Shutdown for Low Oil Pressure / High Coolant Temperature

Fuel Filter

Fuel Transfer Pump

Air Silencer Intake / Cleaner

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

High Ambient Radiator Cooling

Single Bearing Generator

Brush less Exciter

Unit Mounted Solid State Voltage Regulator

Muffler Shipped Loose

Production time 14 working days

Warranty Three Year Limited


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List Price: $10500.00
Price: $7994.00

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