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Our custom built Industrial Off the Grid Open Generator sets are powered by Kubota, Perkins and John Deere low speed liquid cooled diesel engines. Size ranges from 7Kw to 250Kw. These diesel generators are designed for primary power, off the grid applications and emergency backup. 

Standard features include: 12 volt battery charging alternator, 12 volt electric starter, automatic shutdown for low oil pressure, automatic shutdown for high coolant temperature, fuel filter, fuel transfer pump, air silencer intake, air cleaner, heavy duty steel frame, high ambient radiator cooling, single bearing generator, brusless exciter, unit mounted solid state volatge regulator, muffler shipped loose, on/off toggle switch / perheat /hourmeter. 

We can also customize these generator models by adding a 2 wire remote start, solar array backup features, sub base single and dual wall fuel cells 60 to 500 gallon sizes or custom built to suit, add a super super quiet aluminum powder coated weather enclosures and much more. We are more than happy to build these generators to your exact specifications and needs. Call Mike 707-332-0703 for a free consultation.

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