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Coming soon! Detailed postings with prices no later than Feb 16th, 2018. Our custom built Off the Grid Perkins powered diesel generators, 16Kw to 30Kw, are low speed, super quiet, diesel generators are designed for primary power, off the grid applications and emergency backup. Our cost for Perkins engines is less than the Kubota powered models - we pass the savings onto you. Available in 2 models: the UG Perkins Extreme Machine with all the options included and the economical stripped down UG Perkins Industrial Model.

We can also customize these generator models by adding or deleting the 2 wire remote start, solar array backup features, sub base single and dual wall fuel cells 60 to 500 gallon sizes or custom built to suit, super super quiet aluminum powder coated weather enclosures and much more. We are more than happy to build these generators to your exact specifications and needs. 

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Perkins 50kW 3 Phase Open Industrial Unit


Price: $19487.50