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Shipping Policy

Receiving Shipments: You must arrange to inspect and sign for your shipment upon delivery. No exceptions.

Carriers: We primarily ship via Yellow Freight, YRC Trucking, R and L Carriers, FedEx Freight, Old Dominion, UPS and USPS. In addition our manufacturers often have special arrangements and discounts with other professional carriers.

Ground and Air Shipments: All shipping & handling fees quoted on our site are for the lower 48 states within the continental US. If your address is out side of the lower 48 states or to remote locations, their may be additional fees that apply.  To prevent fraud we are only allowed to ship to your billing address on file with your credit card company. If you want to ship to an address different than the credit card billing address you have on file, you need to contact your credit card company and notify them you want them to add and approve an alternative shipping address. You can accomplish this quickly and easily by using the credit card customer service telephone number on the back of your card. Once you do this you must provide us with the credit card customer service telephone number so that we may verify the transaction and billing/shipping addresses on record. We do not ship COD under any circumstances.

Delivery Dates: All shipping dates and projected delivery dates posted on this website, included in emails, written quotes and invoices are estimates only. We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to any reason what so ever; including carrier delays, inclement weather, strikes, equipment failure or theft. Weekends and holidays are not counted as shipping days. We process shipments as quickly as possible. Some freight companies take several days to pick up. Payment by wire transfer expedites shipments. Credit cards usually ship next day but larger purchases may take 3 to 5 days to clear. Personal and business checks take 5 to 15 days to clear. Since all sales are considered cash sales we are not required to ship until funds post to our account. 

Lift Gate Service: United Generator gives you the option to order "Lift Gate Service" on all electric generators that weigh more than 100 lbs. This option must be selected before proceeding to checkout. These fees will not be charged when terms specifically state "free shipping and free liftgate service". The fee for this optional service varies but is generally not less than $125.00. Due to the weight of these electric generators, they cannot be shipped via UPS Ground. Instead, they are shipped via semi-trucks, which are designed to unload products at loading docks and freight terminals. If you have a loading dock or forklift, you do not need lift gate service.

Residential Customer: If you are a residential customer YOU NEED lift gate service or you must have a forklift present to unload the electric generator at the moment the truck arrives as the drivers charge an extra fee directly to you for waiting. While some truck drivers are kind enough to help, they are not required to help you lift the products. Truckers may also leave and charge an extra return trip fee if you are not properly prepared to receive shipments. You are responsible for all extra delivery fees. If in doubt please order the lift gate service to avoid extra charges and unnecessary delays.

Additional Service Fees: If you do not have the equipment or a loading dock and you elect not to order a special truck equipped with a hydraulic lift this charge will be added to your bill. If you pay by credit card you give us permission to charge these fees for additional service(s) even if you originally did not elect this service. We may add and charge these fees at anytime deemed necessary. If you pay by other methods we will bill you and you are responsible for cost of collection.

Damaged Merchandise in Transit:
 Claims for damage are different with UPS, FedEx and truck freight "LTL" (Less Than Truck Load) Carriers. 
When any carrier delivers a shipment to you, you are required to inspect the package and its contents, and then sign the receipt. Be sure you receive the number of cartons you sign for. Inspect each box for signs of damage; look for crushed, torn, open, or unsealed tape, etc. Note all carton damage or shortage on the bill of laden before signing. 

Do not accept any damaged goods. Notify the carrier’s main office immediately of damage. In the above situations the damage must be noted on the bill of laden by the customer and confirmed in writing by the delivery driver so that all involved parties may avoid problems and unnecessary charges and we all receive the utmost co-operation in resolving the situation. Make a copy of the paperwork before the driver leaves.

 Inspecting the shipment is the responsibility of the customer. Immediately filing a claim with the carrier is the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for freight damage and can not file a claim for you. Manufacturers are not responsible for freight damage, they will not pay for freight damage and they will not send free replacement parts to replace parts damaged by the carrier. Freight damage is the responsibility of the carrier.

For UPS or FedEx act as follows:
 If the package is obviously damaged, you can refuse delivery. Please call UPS or FedEximmediately so they can initiate the replacement process. Any damage found after opening your boxes and examining the merchandise must be reported to UPS or FedEx  and us within two (2) business days to expedite the replacement process.

For LTL Carriers (Truck Freight) act as follows:
 Before signing for delivery, inspect each carton carefully for signs of damage. If you find any damage (crushed, torn, open, unsealed tape or if damaged in any way) it must be noted by you on the freight bill "at the time of delivery". If damage to the merchandise is severe, you must refuse delivery. Do not accept any damaged goods.In this situation the damage must be noted on the bill of laden by the customer and confirmed in writing by the delivery driver so that all involved parties may avoid problems and unnecessary charges and we all receive the utmost co-operation in resolving the situation. Freight damaged items so noted at "time of delivery" will be replaced or repaired by the Carrier (LTL Carriers reserve the right to repair or replace) at no charge to the customer by the LTL Carrier. Contact the LTL Carrier terminal and advise of the noted damage at time of delivery. They will give you instructions on inspection and filing your claim. If you accept damaged shipment(s) you will have all responsibility to make a claim with the trucking company. We can not make the claim for you nor take responsibility for the damage.

Concealed Damage Claim: If there is no visible or obvious damage (the carton appears acceptable at delivery and no damage is noted on delivery receipt), but you discover broken or damaged items after opening, call the LTL Carrier immediately but no later than two (2) business days of receipt for instructions in placing a Concealed Damage Claim. Typically, a LTL Carrier will not give you 100% replacement value when filing a concealed damage claim and we will not assume the difference. "You", not United Generator LLC, are responsible for verifying the condition of your merchandise upon receipt. Please inspect it carefully for shipping/handling damage prior to signing the delivery receipt. United Generator LLC will not be responsible for concealed freight damage.

LTL Carrier freight claims are paid directly to you, the consignee, all claims for damage or loss must be filed with the LTL Carrier. The name, address and phone number of the LTL Carrier is on the bill of lading given to you at the time of delivery. If the information is not there, request if from the driver or call your local phone directory operator for the information.

To protect yourself. if you receive damaged merchandise, always keep the shipping cartons until your claim has been acknowledged and settled by the shipper. It is also a good idea to keep a detailed list of the damage and other documentation for your own file. If you accept damaged merchandise, the shipper has the right to inspect the merchandise and original shipping cartons before processing your claim.

Document Any Damage. In the unlikely event there is a problem with shipping, please make notations on the bill of laden as outlined, then please call us immediately at 707-542-8254 so we may monitor the situation and offer you our expertise assistance. You are our customer and you are important to us. We are here to help you.

Refused Shipment: Once a product has shipped and then refused the customer shall be charged all shipping charges (both ways), and up to a 50% fee by us and any additional cancellation and or restocking fees charged by the manufacturer up to 100% to receive and inspect all returned items. This does not apply to items that are refused due to damage in transit. See Damaged Merchandise in Transit at Shipping Policies page. If possible have damage verified by an independent third party witness at time of delivery.